Website and Email Hosting

We can take care of all aspects of web and hosting, setting up databases where needed and maintaining the webserver. All our sites are hosted within the UK and offer unlimited bandwidth.

Domain Registration and Renewal

Once your domain is registered and administrated by Beech Web Services, you won’t have to worry about renewing it. Two months before every renewal anniversary we send you a reminder email. Then unless you tell us that you no longer require the domain we will renew it on your behalf and invoice you accordingly.

This process ensures that no 3rd party can ever gain control of your domain name as long as you still want it.  In addition we always register domains in your name, so that you are the legal registrant.

We will undertake all reasonable domain administration on your behalf at no additional charge, such as transferring your domain into our control, making changes to nameservers, DNS etc. There is also no charge to move your domain away from us.

Prices for domain registration and renewal are available on request.

Reasonable use policy

We operate a reasonable use policy for domain administration and reserve the right to charge additional hours at the standard rate of £50 per hour.