About Beech Web Services

Beech Web Services is a core team of dedicated and experienced staff supported by the skills of a trusted network of digital marketing specialists.

We understand that no two businesses, and no two website projects are the same which is why we build a unique digital presence for each of our clients, inspired by the requirements of the target audience and driven by data.

Whether we’re working on a fully responsive website, online marketing campaign, e-commerce store or single page, we focus on supporting our clients to achieve their goals in a straightforward, honest and considered way.


Beech Web Services was born in 2012 when the company Roz worked for, SQLWeb.net, moved out of web development.  Roz was made redundant and the web clients were left with no support.  As a single parent to young children, Roz saw an opportunity to work from home and build a flexible working life, so she launched Beech Web Services, took on the clients and continued to support them. Running her own business was the very last thing Roz had ever considered, and at the time she felt it would be a short-term solution which would inevitably have to be abandoned at some point in favour of a ‘proper’ job.

Beech Web Services formed a partnership with Aspire Computers who provide Business IT support in Warrington, and the decision was taken to collaborate in building a web development team. The premises and branding were supplied by Aspire and the training and expertise provided by Roz at Beech Web Services.  The search for an apprentice therefore began, and Sophy Bostock was the stand-out candidate.  Sophy speedily progressed to be a valued expert in her field of building responsive WordPress websites and the client base began to grow.  In September 2019, the web team of Roz and Sophy was ready to stand alone and Sophy came over to Beech Web Services to focus solely on building a business dedicated to digital marketing.

Why are we called Beech Web Services?

Faced with just one hour to decide on a company name before the SQLWeb.net clients were all informed of the change-over, Roz took inspiration from the huge and beautiful beech trees at the bottom of her garden.  A beech tree has proved to be an excellent symbol for a business specialising in website development:

  • A beech tree is a structure which provides strong foundations and long-term stability, along with the freshness of new growth and constant change and adaptation.  This is how we view your website, as the core of your ever-changing online presence.
  • Trees, like websites, form part of extended, complex networks, with new branches and connections constantly being formed.
  • In ancient times the bark of beech trees was commonly used as a writing material, and the word ‘book’ is derived from the role of beech trees in recording the written word. Now it is estimated that there are in excess of 15.4 billion words published on websites around the world!

The Beech Web Services team

Roz and Sophy capably handle a wide variety of websites and digital marketing projects; from simple brochure-style sites to large e-commerce online stores, and ongoing, successful pay-per-click campaigns. Find out more about their background and experience