Website Creation

Looking for a professional responsive website at a realistic price? We can help!

Your website is at the heart of your online presence, and it needs to accurately reflect who you are and what you are offering. Whether you’re looking for a simple brochure-style site, or a full e-commerce solution our friendly and approachable team can accommodate your needs.

Our skilled team is experienced in the creation of professional, device responsive WordPress websites that show you are open for business.

The Development Process

We view website development very much as a partnership between developer and customer.  As such we welcome your involvement throughout the process.

Here are some of the main project stages we typically go through:

Initial Research and Proposals

We start with a detailed fact-find about your business, and what you need your website to achieve. We will listen to your long-term business goals and make suggestions as to how your website can help you achieve them.

We look at the online competition within your field and geographic location and look at what your customers are searching for.  We’ll ask you to tell us about your ideal customer and what drives them.

Clear communication on both sides is essential in delivering a final solution that matches your expectations.  Before we start work, we like to fully understand your priorities and any constraints you have.  For example, it may be necessary to build an ecommerce website in several stages, as adding a very large number of products in one batch might not be practical.

Taking into consideration what we know about who your customers are and what they are looking for, we will create the content structure for your website, making sure there are clear calls to action throughout, and important information is quick and easy to find.

Before development work starts, we define all the deliverables within a proposal document and set down the associated costs, plus any optional extras. Once we have received your acceptance in writing and the first of 3 stage payments, work can begin!


At this point we need you to pass over all image, text and video content for the site. Where there are gaps, we can help by writing the text copy, sourcing suitable images and providing professional photography services.

We look at the online competition within your field and geographic location and look at what your customers are searching for.  We’ll ask you to tell us about your ideal customer and what drives them.

As development nears completion, we need you to check the content of each page very carefully.   The site is only ready for launch to the live domain when you have signed it off and it has passed all our in-house quality control checks.  As long as the content has been provided on time, at this point the 2nd stage payment is usually due.

All our sites have Google Analytics tracking set up on launch and are submitted to the Google search index.  At this point we configure a range of additional security measures to protect your site from malicious attacks.

Once the site is live, we provide training on how to edit and maintain website content yourself.  If you’d rather focus on running your business, we’re happy to complete content updates on your behalf as you need them.


Once a website is launched it receives regular basic maintenance from us to make sure it’s always looking its best and working as it should.

Regular content updates are essential to make sure your site stays fresh and continues to accurately reflect your growing business.  We will support you to perform these updates yourself or complete them on your behalf, whatever works best for you.

The 3rd and final stage payment is due 1 month after the 2nd, so usually 1 month after launch.  This means you can be sure all the deliverables have been successfully achieved when you make the last payment.


To make the most of the investment in your website, it needs to be actively promoted.  The benefits of a high-quality website are most apparent when the right people are seeing it, and in enough numbers.  Achieving a good level of site traffic relies on well placed links on other, popular sites. Pay-per-click and social media are ideal vehicles to take you where your audience are, connect with them and channel them back to your website.