If you want to use your own text on your website, that’s great, but most people prefer to have some support.

This might take the form of us just polishing your text and making sure it’s suitable for your website or writing it completely on your behalf.

We’re happy to work in either way to ensure maximum readability and search engine optimisation for your website text.


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Website readability

Website readability refers to how easy it is for the user to understand the message you are trying to convey. It covers language and tone, plus grammar and punctuation.

Page layout, navigation, typeface and colour scheme are vital to organise the information presented into an understandable and digestible format, with clear visual indications as to which is the most important information on the page. The content itself must be clear, engaging and appropriate in language and tone for your target audience, or they will quickly move on to another website. All of these factors contribute towards readability, as well as the actual words used.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine ranking really matters. If you rank way down the listings in the main search engines you won’t be visible to everyone that may need your product or service. 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search, so where you rank compared to your competitors makes the difference between getting a sale, or no sale. The keywords and phrases you aim to rank well for matter – the more specific the better. SEO measures which involve judging your site’s performance against a general key word or phrase is pointless as your site will be lost amongst the masses of sites that also include that phrase. Focus your efforts instead on the specific and detailed things people who are looking for exactly what you do or sell will type in.

Even when you rank well for your chosen keyword, search engine algorithms are constantly updated, so it’s a matter of continual checking and refocusing of your content to get the results you want.

Checking the data

Before we begin any promotional activities, it’s important to assess the current position. Where it is available, we will check current analytics data for your website to benchmark our starting position and assist in setting reasonable and achievable goals for improvement. Throughout any promotional activities we undertake on your behalf we will monitor the data and use it to determine success levels and make adjustments as needed to the campaign.

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