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Website design, development, support and promotion optimised to convert browsers into customers and create a foundation for successful digital marketing. 

Beech are WordPress website specialists

Website design, development, support and promotion

A website is the only place online you have full control over. You decide how it looks, how it works and the messages it communicates. It provides a foundation for digital marketing campaigns, so it’s vital to get right. 
Your website can act as an information hub, a shop, a source of knowledge, a place to connect, a landing page for digital campaigns and the focus of your sales funnel. It is where visitors can be persuaded to take action and engage with you, potentially creating long and profitable relationships. Creating a positive and engaging user experience is key to starting this relationship well, standing out from the crowd and beating the competition. That’s where we excel.  

Specialists in WordPress design and development

Your branding, tone of voice, best practice, values and content are all encompassed within every design we do. All our websites are bespoke and tailored to engage your unique target audience, persuading them to take the action you want them to take. 
We collaborate with you throughout the process and hold regular meetings to discuss progress, talk about recommendations and address any queries you have. 

All our websites are created to:

Beech are WordPress Specialists
Elementor Logo for WordPress
WooCommerce Logo for WordPress

We use the WordPress content management system (CMS) with Elementor for our websites and for ecommerce we use the WooCommerce suite. These choices of software not only provide you with a great-looking, modern website, but also enable you to easily take control and make changes at your leisure.

Caring for a WordPress website

The technical environment within which your website operates is a constantly growing and changing ecosystem. Your business and the market in which it operates is also constantly changing. As your website represents the public face of your company, to do its job effectively it must constantly grow and change to keep up.

Free Website Healthcheck Icon

All websites are constantly under attack from web robots and hackers. A successful security breach can cause your business and more importantly your customers’ businesses serious problems that require significant efforts to rectify (if that’s even possible).

Updates for WordPress, plugins and themes are released by developers regularly. Most of these updates are bug fixes and security updates, so if updates are not implemented quickly and regularly your site is more vulnerable to attack.

In addition, UK GDPR regulations clearly stipulate that website software must be regularly checked and updated to the latest version to keep it secure and make it more difficult for hackers to access your customer’s personal data. Not keeping your website software up to date therefore risks being in breach of UK GDPR.

Support plans

In our experience, a well-maintained website is rewarded by Google and performs well compared to those that are left alone. We therefore offer three levels of bespoke WordPress support plan to address these concerns and ensure your website is keeping up to date. Each plan provides a range of hosting and maintenance services and from daily security scans and 24/7 uptime monitoring to backups, updates and reporting, our team takes care of it all.

All websites hosted with us, whether on our standard or superfast server, are running on green energy.

Website support plans for WordPress

As specialists in our field, we’re happy to support your existing WordPress website which may include activities such as troubleshooting, recovery and optimisation.

Our website development process

Beech Website Development Process
1. Enquiry
Get in touch to tell us about your project and what you’d like to achieve. We’ll contact you for an informal chat and arrange a briefing meeting.
2. Brief and proposal
We gather information about your organisation, audience, goals and objectives. Following in-depth research, we then prepare a detailed proposal outlining the website solutions to deliver your objectives.
3. Development and delivery
Once your contract is agreed, the project is handed over to our development manager. At weekly online catchups, we share progress updates, answer your questions, and source all the information we need to create a high-performing website and keep your project on track.
4. First page designs
Starting with the homepage, our designer creates a page mock-up visualisation on your approved content and images. Any feedback is actioned before moving on to design more pages for review.
5. Final checks and snagging
Once all the pages have been designed, built and optimised, your website goes through a robust testing process using detailed snagging sheets.
6. Launch
With the final quality checks completed and the site signed off, we move it from development to live and share it with the world!
7. Training
To enable you to make changes yourself, we can provide you with a training video, bespoke to your website, to show you basic editing and answer any specific training questions you have.
8. Ongoing maintenance/support
Depending on your support plan, we hold a review meeting every 6 or 12 months to ensure your site continues to meet your needs and fulfil its objectives.
9. Promotion
To maximise return on investment from your new website, we advise ongoing promotion takes place. See our integrated digital marketing services.
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Website FAQ

That’s fine! We can help with text, image and video content. To create the text, our professional content copywriter will book a chat with you to understand your business, your customers and the messages your website needs to convey. They then create a first draft of the website text for you to approve. For images and video, we can recommend a local professional or source suitable content from stock catalogues.

Each website we create is bespoke, so the cost will vary for every one. As a guide, our websites typically cost between £4,000 and £12,000 for the initial build, depending on size and complexity.

The time it takes to build a website varies depending on the job. If all the content is ready to go at the start of the project, it can take less than a month. As a guide we are usually able to launch a new website project within 12-20 weeks. Having a single point of contact within your organisation who is able to source information and authorised to make decisions will ensure the project is completed in a timely manner.

Having a clear idea on branding, audience and business objectives will help a website project be more successful and targeted. For further information [read our blog post] on starting a new website project.

Absolutely! Our team is readily available to support you after your website is launched. Simply raise a ticket on our system via the Request Support button [link] and we’ll action your request as quickly as possible.

All our customers benefit from a support plan so we can take care of the technical updates for you. If there are changes you’d like to make such as image or text content, you can either watch your bespoke training video provided on launch, or request support from our team using the Request Support button on our website.

Although we test your website across a large array of devices and screen sizes, we focus on the big four, which is mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. If analytics are available for your existing website, we’ll review the devices and sizes your audience accesses your existing website and pay especially close attention to that.

In addition, a variety of different browsers and operating systems are used for testing.

For clients on a maintenance plan, our uptime monitoring system will flag that your website is offline, and our team will investigate the cause of the disruption and act accordingly.

For websites that require restoration, our maintenance includes regular backups to an offsite location.

If your website has stopped working and you’re not a client with us, get in touch and we can work with you to attempt recovery.

For clients on a support plan, we regularly assess your website to test everything is working properly and we raise any issues with you if they arise.

For anything else, you can raise a ticket on our support site, and our team will be in touch.

Images provided by you and stock photographs purchased on your behalf are your property. Note that with stock imagery, this may sometimes be subject to limited-use offline.

There is no bespoke coding on our websites, and we use open-source software which is fully and easily portable to another provider.

For websites launched within a year, there is no charge for hosting services whilst we are designing and building your new website.