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Integrated Digital Marketing

A seamless, unified experience for your ideal audience through the creation of deep and powerful connections within the Google system itself. 

Beech are your integrated digital marketing partner

Your integrated digital marketing partner

All too often, website developers build and launch a new website, then walk away and leave you to it. Beech is different. We want to be involved in your future growth. 

Integrated digital marketing is a holistic strategy, using a combination of online channels and tactics to achieve defined goals. We use our extensive experience and expertise to create and implement a bespoke solution from a range of possible methods, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media optimisation (SMO), email marketing and more. 

This approach maximises the unique strengths of each method, to engage your audience more effectively, generate traffic and create engagement. Once we have their attention, a consistent, coordinated online presence builds trust and integrity, creating a sound starting point for your customer’s journey toward your desired endpoint. 

Beech maximise your online strategy
Beech create powerful digital marketing campaigns

Powerful digital marketing campaigns

We begin by clearly understanding what your business or organisation wants to achieve. Through detailed listening and research, we create and agree a set of high-level, measurable objectives for your campaign.   

Next, we combine the power of the best marketing platforms to reach potential customers. We build a seamless and unified experience for your target audience, making it easy for them to take action. Active management and monitoring mean we can adjust your campaign to build on results over time. 

Combining multiple digital marketing channels creates a connected, effective approach to reach and engage your audience, ultimately achieving better results and a stronger online presence.

We recommend running a bespoke digital marketing campaign for a period of 3-6 months using a blend of the following key elements:

Creating a strong digital campaign

In our experience, multi-channel digital marketing yields far better results and return on investment. Co-ordinating activities across multiple platforms expands the reach of your message and magnifies the impact. 

Integrated Digital Marketing campaigns with Beech
We take time to understand your ideal audience, researching where and when they are active online, what they are searching for, and what prompts them to click through to a website. 
Strategy development
We create and present a targeted campaign plan with an agreed duration, clearly defined objectives and measurable KPIs.
We put the plan into action and launch your campaign activity. All content is fully approved by you before use and tailored to match the requirements of each individual platform.
We collect and analyse data from your digital channels to guauge effectiveness and make data-driven decisions to optimise results and evolve future strategy.
We study information on customer behaviour, preferences and market trends, plus channel-specific architecture to maximise conversions.
Regular check-ins to review the quality of engagement generated, share progress and fine-tune strategy as needed, informing further campaigns.
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Use Google Business Profile as an SEO method

Google optimisation, your secret SEO weapon

Google Business Profile (GBP) optimisation is a relatively low-cost search engine optimisation strategy that can yield a high return on investment. We are experienced at engaging the Google algorithm for our clients’ benefit, which results in your website being more visible in organic search results, including mobile and voice search.

We work on the premise that the more we educate Google about your organisation and what it does, the more likely it is to be able to match you with people who are searching for exactly that.