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The Beech Journey in 2024 – A huge rebranding!

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The Beech Journey in 2024 – A huge rebranding!

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If you’re reading this new blog post, you may have noticed some things have changed around here…

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves! Formerly known as Beech Web Services Limited, we are Beech – The Integrated Digital Marketing and Website Specialists, based in central Warrington. For those of you who have followed our business journey over the years, we’re happy to share this new milestone. And for those who are new to Beech and what we do, consider this an introduction.

In this blog post, you’ll find out all about our rebranding journey and the fresh digital marketing services we offer.

Why did we choose to work with an expert?

In our experience, we recommend that every business, no matter what sector, considers rebranding each time their online objectives change, or at least every 2-3 years. This comes from research from Forbes, where the key indicators for a brand update include:

  • If a business has evolved and isn’t adequately represented by the current branding
  • If a brand itself is outdated, or not keeping up with the trends and expectations of customers.
  • If the business is no longer unique, and not likely to stand out from the growing crowd of competitors.
  • When the target audience has changed. Whether this is due to a change in the services offered, or the implementation of a new business model.

To lead by example, it was important that our business followed suit and considered the importance of freshening up our brand. The first step towards this was working with a branding expert, Phil Strachan, of Think Brand Not Bland.

In conversations with Phil, our Director, Roz Healey, and Development Manager, Sophy Bostock, were able to develop a fresh understanding of our purpose as a digital marketing agency, and what we wanted our message to be as a brand. Beech Web Services has been delivering digital marketing solutions to businesses for over 10 years, and it was important that clients, both existing and new, could understand the true meaning of working with us. This included sharing our purpose, the values we universally share across the business, and the wealth of experience we bring to all the services we provide.

Why did we retain the Beech name and imagery?

The inspiration behind our name ‘Beech Web Services’ originated from mature beech trees found at the bottom of Roz’s garden. Much like a beech tree, a website’s nature is complex and continues to develop in an ever-changing environment, adapting and responding to new developments online, and growth within a business.

The image of a beech tree has represented our brand since we began in 2011, and with a refresh this year, following on from our extensive branding review with Phil, we feel it still represents our business and the values we use in our everyday operations, as it has for over a decade.

It also acts as the perfect visual imagery for our sustainability mission, which we are very passionate about.

What are our company values?

Having clear core values as a business can set you apart from industry competitors. They also provide businesses with the opportunity to embrace a culture that runs throughout the entire organisation, including owners, managers and other employees. Being clear on these values is essential before any rebranding, or marketing activities can take place, to apply the appropriate messaging and tone of voice to everything we do.

At Beech, our core values help to determine how we run the business. In the process of this latest rebranding, they are one of the few things we decided didn’t need to be overhauled, as we’re proud to say that they still very much represent us and inform every decision we make.

Our core values can be found here, but in summary, the 5 core values we have are:

  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Independance
  • Teamwork
  • Making a difference

For our 5th value, ‘Making a difference’ we have developed and improved various strategies to help us achieve this. One of the main changes being the focus on sustainability.

Sustainability has always been present in how Beech Web Services operates. In the past year, though, we felt we could go even further to do our part in protecting our planet. You can read all about our Sustainability Mission here.

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated Digital Marketing means combining a range of marketing techniques, practices and methods of communication to engage the target audience and support them, starting from the beginning awareness stage, all the way to the end of their customer journey, promoting loyalty and brand advocacy.

In this new era of Beech, we have expanded our offering beyond the provision of top-class WordPress websites, to provide even more knowledge and expertise in the digital marketing of those websites. Our ongoing services help clients establish a standout brand and consistent online presence across a range of platforms from their website to social media marketing and improving their Google ranking.

We do this by offering hands-on, holistic services that help businesses to grow online, and reach their desired customers. Building an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy means investing in various marketing areas, and we can help!

What we can offer your business:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Google Business Profile Optimisation
  • Google Ads and Social Media PPC Ads
  • And much more…

Find out more about what we do on the Services page of our website.

Why did our new branding mean a new website?

A rebranding wouldn’t be complete without a new website!

Our brand is centre of our marketing strategy and we needed a new website that fully embodies the brand and acts as a hub for our online presence. Our website establishes core messages and sets the tone for communication with our target audience. A website is a unique space and the only place online where we can fully control our content and represent our brand completely. For this reason, we wanted our new website to showcase the refreshed branding and inform our audience of the key messages and values that make our business who we are.

The aim of this new website was to create a clean, airy design that represented the Beech values, and our mission toward being as sustainable as possible. We wanted to capture the various elements of the integrated digital marketing services we have to offer, following industry best practices for SEO, accessibility and page performance.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already taken the first step towards exploring this stunning new Beech website! Look around, there’s lots of new content to share with you.

When building any new website (even our own) we have a detailed step-by-step process to ensure that the end result achieves the criteria set by the client, or in this case, us. You can find out more about our process here.

What do we think of our new branding?

Beech Web Services was established in 2011 to create professional, bespoke websites that helped our clients to grow online.

Now in 2024 we enter a new era of Beech history, and the business continues to evolve and flourish with a diverse client base and a range of services that align with our values.

Our Director, Roz Healey MSc, had this to say:

“The new branding perfectly embodies the business as it now is and provides a strong foundation for us to move forward.

Over the last few years we’ve invested significant time into extending and deepening our digital marketing expertise and perfecting our development processes.

We’re now ideally placed to support our clients in using online methods to grow their businesses in a way that works for them, their customers and our planet.”

What does the future hold for Beech?

So, what’s next?

We’re here and ready to provide WordPress websites and integrated digital marketing services to businesses across the United Kingdom.

If you’re already a client, thank you for staying with us as the business enters a new phase. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a huge portfolio of clients from different industries and locations around the country.

For anyone looking to start a new digital marketing project, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team of experts today and find out how you could maximise your online potential.

Thank you for reading and enjoy our new website!

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