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Making the most of your website means actively promoting it, as it can only work well for you when enough of the right people are seeing it.  Boosting levels of site traffic relies on well-placed links from other, popular sites. Pay-per-click advertising and social media activity are ideal vehicles to take you where your audience is online, creating opportunities to connect with people who are looking for you and channelling them back to your website.

Before promoting your website, we undertake detailed research that includes discussion of your business objectives, plus your current and desired sales levels.


We view website development very much as a partnership between developer
and customer. As such we welcome your involvement throughout the process.

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Here are some of the main project stages we typically go through:

Initial Research and Proposals

The next step is to understand your target audience. These are the individuals that are both straightforward to deal with and generate profit for your business. You may have more than one customer persona that is relevant to your business. If we understand who you are targeting, we can pitch your campaign to effectively reach them and engage them. One aspect that it’s important to understand about your customers is where they spend their time online. Are they social media users or do they prefer YouTube? Knowing where your customers are tells you where you need to appear.

We will look at what online marketing your competitors are doing and identify opportunities for you to gain a competitive edge. It helps if you can tell us who you think your main competitors currently are.

Looking at your competitors can help you identify gaps in the market and identify ways in which your company and services and/or products differ from the others on offer. Along with your competitor research, this information provides insights into what your online marketing messages should be, and what level of budget you should consider in order to achieve the results you are looking for.

Taking a few simple steps, such as refocusing your website content and optimising your Google My Business presence might be enough to beat the competition, or it may require a more sustained approach involving ongoing pay-per-click campaigns. Until you’ve assessed what your competitors are doing, it’s impossible to know what you need to do to effectively promote your website.

Before we begin any promotional activities, it’s important to assess the current position. Where it is available, we will check current analytics data for your website to benchmark our starting position and assist in setting reasonable and achievable goals for improvement. Throughout any promotional activities we undertake on your behalf we will monitor the data and use it to determine success levels and make adjustments as needed to the campaign.

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