Pay-per-click Ads

The benefits of pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are extremely powerful, as they are the most focused and effective way to attract the attention of potential customers who are already actively looking for your products or service.  Customers can be targeted by both geography and demographic to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

In addition:

  • Paid ads provide an instant high-profile presence on digital channels, rather than relying on organic methods which can take some time to achieve.
  • They give you the power to outrank your competition
  • They use extensive data combined with artificial intelligence to match the customer’s intention when searching to the services you are offering
  • They will learn from ad performance and become more efficient over time
  • Ads can be scheduled to reach your audience at the optimal time
  • Ad campaigns can easily be switched on and off to suit requirements
  • Campaign success can be accurately measured and reported.

Before setting up a PPC campaign we will agree with you a realistic target for generation of new enquiries.  We will estimate
how many Ad Views and Ad Clicks will be required to meet your objective and set that as the campaign target.

Contact us to find out how a pay-per-click campaign can benefit your business.